Thursday, February 12, 2009

Will be in print very shortly!

This book is a culmination of a lot of years of actual practice!

More important: It offers over 20 different meditation techniques for beating stress, getting focused, making positive changes in yourself, and maybe even finding a little inner peace.

Better yet: It's highly accessible to anyone, regardless of experience. Beginners will find clear, easy to follow practices while more experienced meditators can find fun & challenging variations to keep their practice sharp. I delve into a little bit of the psychology behind the techniques I offer, too, so that no one ever has to take my word for anything. I've also included some of my very own experiences to illustrate my points. And, yes, there are illustrations, too.

And there's also an entire chapter on techniques for dealing with stressful situations and keeping your cool.

Can you think of any places you could use something like that?

The book will be available very shortly, but to show you the value of it, I'm going to be posting some extracts right here. I look forward to feedback and discussion!

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